Common malpractice claims made against nurses

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Common malpractice claims made against nurses

Nurses can be sued for a variety of reasons.

With the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act expected to add to the current doctor shortage in many areas of the country, nurses are likely to take on more responsibility in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. 

As a result, professional liability risk may increase for these medical workers, which is why it is important to be aware of the most common malpractice claims filed against nurses. 

Common claim No. 1 - Medication errors
One of the most frequent malpractice claims made against nurses involve errors with medication. For example, the wrong pills or dosage could be given to a patient, or medication may not be given at all. While these errors don't always result in injury, if the mistake is big enough a patient may die. That being said, it is important to be extremely careful whenever giving medicine to a patient so nurses are sure it is what they are supposed to be taking. 

Common claim No. 2 - Delayed treatment
With more patients entering hospitals and healthcare facilities, one claim that could increase in frequency is delayed treatment. Unless more nurses are hired, there will either need to be less time dedicated to each patient or longer wait times. If the latter comes true, delayed treatment claims could become more common, as patients may need to wait longer to be able to see a nurse. 

Common claim No. 3 - Negligent supervision
Even if a nurse is watching over a patient, a malpractice claim can be filed citing negligent supervision. Patients may say that they were injured because a nurse wasn't sufficiently monitoring them. For example, an elderly patient at a nursing home may file such a claim if they fall due to a wet floor. 

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